Why Allumia?

Allumia’s offering is simple: we deliver immediate savings by installing high efficiency lighting in your building with no investment required from you.

Upgrading lighting systems can save warehouses and parking structures anywhere from 40% – 75% on their energy costs. Moreover, due to their extreme resilience and long life, efficient lighting can reduce the cost of maintaining lighting systems by as much as 85%.

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Allumia allows you to take advantage of all these benefits, upgrading your lighting system to the most efficient technology with zero upfront cost. Payments are a portion of your proven energy savings, measured by revenue-grade electric meters installed alongside the upgraded lighting.

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Why Lighting?

A rendering of light levels before and after a retrofit.

A rendering of light levels before and after a retrofit.


A lighting upgrade with Allumia is one of the fastest and simplest ways to cut operating costs and improve your bottom line.Studies from the US Department of Energy and Commercial Building Alliance show that most commercial buildings could reduce energy costs 20% with a lighting upgrade. With lighting-intensive operations such as parking garages and warehouses, energy savings can be as much as 75%.


Upgrading to a modern lighting system greatly improves light quality and visibility. This is especially important when lighting’s primary function is utility, as in garages and warehouses. In addition to energy savings, maintenance costs are significantly reduced. Efficient lighting requires just a fraction of the maintenance and upkeep of systems in place today.


Upgrading your lighting system with Allumia allows you to immediately take advantage of these all these benefits without distracting you (or taking resources away) from what you do best: running your business.


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Do I Qualify?

Allumia delivers immediate, guaranteed energy savings and free lighting upgrades to qualified customers. We currently serve commercial, industrial and multi-family customers in Washington State.

If you own, rent, or manage a commercial or industrial facility (including parking structures, warehouses and public storage), or a multi-family residential building, Contact us for a free site evaluation.


Storage Parking Warehouse

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